Supported Assets & Fees

Borrowing on Superposition is subject to the below fees:

  1. Interest Rate Spread: the proceeds from Interest Rate Spread is used to support general operations of the protocol, including development of new products, maintenance costs...etc. This fee is accrued over the lifespan of the loan whenever there's a borrowing or lending action against the smart contract.

  2. Stability Fee: Stability Fee is charged on top of the borrowing interest rate and is designated independently from the interest rate curve. It is accrued over the lifespan of the loan and the borrower will be liable to pay off the stability fee when the debt is repaid. The purpose of this fee is to ensure the stability of the Superposition protocol by funding a pool of reserve assets to be deployed in case of long-tail market volatility.

Typical borrow/lend protocols do not independently designate a stability fee, rather just charge various fees and have the governance body decide how much of the revenue is allocated to the risk reserve. By separating the Stability Fee from Interest Rate Curve, users of Superposition do not pay “higher fees” when asset volatility increases, but simply contribute more towards the reserve fund.

  1. Rebalancing (Liquidation) Fee: visit Rebalancing (Liquidation) for details and when the fee is applicable.

Starting April 1st 2024, the below parameters and fees apply to the corresponding supported assets:

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