Getting Started

Install an Aptos Wallet

You can download one from Pontem or Petra.

Get APT for Gas

Actions on Aptos require having some Aptos tokens in your wallet to be used for gas. Gas is a way to pay for computation and storage on a blockchain network. All transactions on the Aptos network cost a certain amount of gas.

Connecting your wallet

Go to to access our APP.

Click the ”Connect Wallet” button at the top right corner of the screen and select your preferred wallet.


Portfolio summary

The portfolio summary section on the top shows important information about your account. Use this information to maintain a healthy portoflio.

Let's go through each section from left to right.


represents the value of your portfolio, calculated as supplies - borrows (debt). In the health bar visualization, this is represented by the green part of the bar. This bar turns orange when your equity/debt ratio gets close to your minimum required equity limit. This bar turns red when your equity/debt ratio gets at, or below your minimum required equity limit.

Minimum Required Equity

is the minimum value of your equity balance before your account will be eligible for liquidation. This is a costly event and should be avoided by increasing your Equity/Debt ratio. This limit is calculated based on your portfolio's Value-at-Risk between equity and debt. Learn more about our risk model.


represents the total USD value of debt accumulated by borrowing. In the health bar visualization, this is represented by the blue length of the bar.

Health Factor

The health factor is the numeric representation of the safety of your supplied assets against the borrowed assets. It is calculated as equity / required equity. The higher the value is, the safer the state of your funds are against a liquidation scenario. If the health factor goes below 1, the liquidation of your deposits will be triggered. Keep this number high by supplying more collateral or repaying your borrow balance. If you would like to know more technical details about the health factor calculation, you can find those here.

What happens when my health factor is reduced?

Depending on the value fluctuation of your supplies and borrows, the health factor will increase or decrease. If your health factor increases, it will improve your borrow position by making the liquidation threshold more unlikely to be reached. In the case that the value of your collateralized assets against the borrowed assets decreases, the health factor is also reduced, causing the risk of liquidation to increase.

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